My Little Motor

I was stuck in commuter traffic. Two lanes, stop, start, progressing at a snails pace. I edged passed a car transporter. On it’s flatbed was a very strange, well strapped down, quite dilapidated vehicle. It was almost toy like, vaguely like an old motorcycle sidecar. A pre-sixties number plate confirmed its antiquity.

I discovered later it was a Messerschmitt KR175, a two seater, one seat in front of the other. Powered by a lawn motor size 175 cc engine, a top speed of 50 mph was pretty impressive. What a useful vehicle it would be in today’s world of congested cities, where average speed was no more than a cruising pedal cycle.

I wanted one. Totally impractical, unreliable, and even if I could afford one, too valuable for just pottering around town. Oh well.

Years later, Renault introduced The Renault Twizy. A two seater, one in front of the other, electric car! Practical, totally reliable, affordable. I had to have one! And here it is!

The 17 BHP electric motor does not sound impressive, but for a car that weighs a third of a “normal” car, performance is more than adequate. 0-30 mph in 4.4 seconds. 0-60? It’s limited to a max of 50 mph. This ensures a useful range of up to sixty miles. To drive, it’s like an electric go kart. Exhilaration takes over, screeching tires, whistling wind. The shape, the size, the plastic body, it’s like an amusement park ride! Where’s the coin slot? Up to 60 miles range in reality for me is less than 40 miles. It’s very difficult to stay sensible. I love it!


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